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The SamsungVR API Introduction 2016-08-01

Did you know that you can create a custom application to interface with SamsungVR?

Experiencing Sports In Virtual Reality 2016-06-12

So, I was capturing some 360 video on a golf course the past few days, and I was asked the question 'how do I see 360 video changing the filming of a golf tournament?'

How Daydream Beats Google Cardboard 2016-05-22

Despite being the developers of Android, Google has been locked out of several key hardware functions required for virtual reality. That is about to change.

Dealing with Failure 2016-01-08

When you rely on third-party systems for your site to work, prepare for the unexpected

CES 2016 - Virtual Reality 2016-01-06

One of the major focuses of CES has been Virtual Reality. Here are my favorite announcements so far.

Merry Christmas 2015-12-25

It's Christmas time, and I decided to resurrect my blog. Let's catch up.

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