Merry Christmas

It's Christmas time, and I decided to resurrect my blog. Let's catch up.

There are many posts out there on people starting up their blogs again. I guess I'm guilty of that here. But I think I have a good motivating factor to keep going...

... This Christmas was the second one for my daughter.

Amidst the Disney Frozen presents, I'm pretty sure she has already forgotten a little black box she received from me.

That box is from Adafruit. And, it contains the parts to a little project I plan on detailing here on the blog.

My goal with that box of parts is to hopefully ignite an interest in my girl beyond consuming content on a screen. If she engages in the endless opportunities of engineering at a young age, she will be able to do whateer she wants.

So, it's time to get some rest like I told her I would, and dream about the inventions she will be making.

Posted by Marshall on 2015-12-25.

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