Experiencing Sports In Virtual Reality

Imagine seeing golf from a new perspective

Experiencing Sports In Virtual Reality

So, I was capturing some 360 video on a golf course the past few days, and I was asked the question “how do I see 360 video changing a golf tournament broadcast?”

It’s a great question, and one I think can and will be asked about pretty much every sport that is aired on TV today.

However, to properly answer that question, I think it is better rephrased: How will 360 video change the sport of golf?

How will 360 video change the sport of golf?

I could answer the original question with all the confidence of my technically inclined geekiness, but that would be leaving out the important part of the equation, the audience.

Take the Olympics. Their 1936 live broadcast from Germany has transformed it from a little foot race into this year’s multi-billion dollar extravaganza in Rio. Sports aren’t played for the athletes themselves anymore, it’s played for the enjoyment of the audience.

Sometimes that audience is the players and the people in the stands, but increasingly it includes people who aren’t even in the same geographical area. This makes technology paramount to the execution of a tournament or game.

The angles, immersion, and even the possibility of interaction with the game by a remote audience are some of the reasons why virtual reality, and 360 degree capture of sports are going to be literally “game changers”.

I got to experiment with several pieces of brand new technology, so keep watching my blog as I detail some exciting observations shortly.


Posted by Marshall on 2016-06-12.

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